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Tuesday, 17 March 2015
Oh Cornwall, you're grand!

I've been a bit slow on the old blog front these past few weeks. No particular reason why, I just haven't been crafting very much and haven't had too much to say over here. 

Anyway, I'm back this week and although this won't be a crafty or homely post it will be a hearty one. I've chosen to have a little chat with you about my favourite place in the whole wide world...


If you know me, you know this already, I talk (and day dream) about Cornwall A LOT! If you don't know me you might've already guessed, I also post on Instagram and feel inspired by Cornwall A LOT!

I'm not particularly fussy about where in Cornwall, I only have to pass the 'Welcome to Cornwall' sign and I feel all fuzzy inside but there is a corner of that amazing county that holds a very special place in my heart and that's Cape Cornwall...
My love affair with Cornwall began when I was a child. I'm sure we didn't but it felt like every summer holiday me, mom and dad would load up the car to spend a week in Cornwall. The majority of the time in a caravan, sometimes a tent or even (if we felt fancy) a hotel, although camping was always my favourite way to spend the holidays. I used to get so excited cruising down the M5, especially when we got to (what is now known as) "my favourite bit of the motorway", you know the bit after Bristol where the southbound carriageway takes off?! Well that's how it felt to me!!

My mom was always scared of flying and as a child, I never had the experience of being on a plane, so I used to pretend that we were flying to Cornwall at this point! You had to keep yourself entertained on a 5 hour car journey, especially as an only child!!!! 

I'm aware this post is turning into a bit of a "This is Your Life" moment! Anyway... to sum up... Cornwall has always been special and even more so in recent years. 


It was mom who loved this place the most, she would dream of retiring down there one day, but unfortunately that wasn't to happen as she lost her battle with breast cancer aged 52. 

There wasn't one moment of doubt as to where she needed to be. We chose one, out of many, of her favourite places in Cornwall (to scatter her ashes) and Cape Cornwall it was. 

I never got to visit this special place with my mom, we tried once but the dreaded Cornish mizzle was too bad, we couldn't see our hands in front of our faces and had to turn back!!! It's just so dramatic down there and although my mom was way more spiritual then I've ever been, I totally feel like I "get it" whenever I'm there. It feels like it holds magic powers somehow! 

Anyway, every April, the family makes the pilgrimage down to that magical place and we spend the week visiting all of our favourite spots; Mousehole, St Ives, Treen... and even discover new places, which mom would of loved. We spend lots of time reminiscing over our most fondest memories of "one of the kindest ladies you have ever met". It's special.

This year we will be marking the 6th anniversary of loosing my mum, crazy. Somehow this trip doesn't make me dread the date but look forward to it. I'm sure she planned it this way.

I'll leave you with some pictures of my most favouritest place in all the land...

I've chosen to post about Cornwall this week as these four weeks of the year are always pretty tough. My mom's birthday, Mother's Day and the anniversary all come at once. Thankfully it finishes off with the most soothing therapy, a week in the place that holds my heart and her's. 

Amy x

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