The Tessuti 'Lisa' Dress...

Monday, 3 August 2015
... Summer Sewing.

All I seem to be doing, at the moment, is stitching up pieces for my summer holiday wardrobe. Expect the next few blog posts to be all about sewing summer dresses. I've had my eye on the Tessuti Lisa dress for a while and finally found some fabric which I thought would suit this beautifully.

My usual fabric shop, Barry's Fabrics in Digbeth, Birmingham, came up trumps again with this heavy cotton (almost denim) blue with white polka dot fabric. This is a little out of my comfort zone but I felt like being brave and I think it paid off, I love this fabric!

Now, just before I talk about the Lisa dress pattern, I just want to warn you that this blog post maybe a little boring! Why?? Well because Tessuti patterns are just so darn tooting good!!!!

I have used Tessuti patterns before, I made the Lily dress when I first started sewing and I was so greatful for such clear instructions. It's the same again with this one. An easy peasy, print at home pattern, means I had a beautiful new dress in about 4 hours!

So, what is so great about this dress? Well everything really. The shape, the super clear instructions... but what I really love are the pockets.

I'm not sure how or why anything would be designed without pockets. These ones are nothing to be scared of, even if you are a beginner.

The button placket was a part of the pattern that I thought would get me into a bit of a confused muddle but again, with the clarity of the instructions, it was done without me even thinking about it. First time, no unpicking and perfect button placement. It could've been a fluke but I really don't think so. As long as you just follow what is in front of you, Tessuti have got your back!  

I also love the gathered waist of this dress. I do really like gathered waists on most dresses or skirts. What's great about this one is that it has a contoured high waist line. I feel it just adds a bit of interested to a simple design. Also the high waist line is going to be perfect for concealing the holiday tum that I'll no doubt gain, from eating ice creams everyday and fish and chips by the sea, when we go to Whitby next week.

I am really happy with the first of my holiday makes and think I will be making this dress again before too long. I want to make a plain blue denim or black one so that I can layer it during autumn time, but let's not think about cooler days just yet!

Thanks Tessuti for another great pattern. I'll be sure to try out another one soon.

Amy x