Breastfeeding Must Haves

Monday, 19 March 2018
Today I'm going to be recommending a few products that helped me through breast-feeding. From the very early days to present day...

If you have read my previous blog post about breastfeeding you'll know that it wasn't plain sailing. There were a few products that I really wanted to recommend if you intend to breastfeed. Some of these items helped saved breastfeeding for me, it might sound dramatic but they really did. I hope you find something in here useful. 

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Nursing Pillow
Such an important piece of kit for both
breast and bottle feeding. I love ours (exact one pictured)especially for the early days. Theo would drop off after a feed and the little pillow attachment made him look so comfy. I still use it now. Feeding in positions that are not comfortable for you will give you terrible back ache so do make sure you get one of these.

Medela Swing Breast Pump
I expressed from around day 10-14. I really wanted Theo to be able to take a bottle, so that we had more flexibility if required. I haven't used any other electric pumps but I really rate the Medela. If you could stretch to the double pump I would say go for it. Pumping is BORING and anything to get that job done quicker is a bonus.

Haakaa Breast Pump
What is this wizardry?! A non electric hands free breast pump?? It'll never work.. well it does! And if you can't afford the double pump get one of these. If you can afford the double pump also get one of these. It's my new best friend. I use it to speed up expressing in the evening and I also use it in the morning if Theo has slept through a feed at night. It just takes the edge off when feeling a little engorged and I can collect perhaps 2-3oz with zero effort! It's actually designed to collect the let down from one breast when you're feeding on the other one but I personally find that a bit fiddly. 

Nursing Bras and Sleep Bras
They're not the prettiest of things but they are an essential. The best looking one that I've found is the one pictured from JoJo Maman Bebe. Marks and Spencer are probably the best quality and do get measured when you're about 37 weeks pregnant. You size will change so much. Also, maybe it was just me but I completely didn't think about the fact I'd have to be sleeping in a bra (to hold the breast pads in place) unless you don't mind waking up in a puddle of milk! So I went for the JoJo Maman Bebe sleep bras. 

Breast Vest
I haven't bothered too much with specific nursing clothes but more with nursing vests underneath regular clothes. The breast vest is a genius piece of clothing! No fiddly bits of material to fold down or tuck away. Really great idea.

Nipple Cream
It's pricey but you NEED it. I would never of continued to breast feed without this product. There's no need to wash it off to feed so it also works like a barrier cream. Once your boobies aren't so sore it's a great lip balm!!!

Breast Pads
I got through a fair amount of these whilst waiting for my supply to settle down. I still wear them now to stop any unfortunate moments. If it wasn't for these I wouldn't be able to wear grey clothes! Ha!

I think this list is fairly extensive to get you going. I asked my husband if he could think of anything else that was required to breastfeed and he said "a strong will and ounces of resolve" but I couldn't find a shopping link for that!!!

Anyway, I hope that has helped you out somewhat and I wish you lots of luck. 

Amy x

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